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To get return on your capital you can invest in assets that you consider should increase in value. You can also borrow funds to acquire such assets, sell them and then buy them at a cheaper price and repay the borrowed capital. The prerequisite for obtaining return is that the asset value changes. The problem is to know when this happens, what direction such changes are taking, and that there is someone to do business with and who is willing to pay the demanded price. 

The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest market, where the amounts being traded are enormous. Up to U.S. $ 7 Trillion is being traded around the clock, five days a week all over the world. The value of one currency relative to another currency fluctuates constantly. Currencies are thus assets that are ideal to trade to obtain return on capital. The problem is that the changes are rapid and occur at any time. The foreign exchange market is therefore also one of the riskiest markets to invest in.

If there was to be an ideal extremely experienced trader who could remember everything that had occurred in the market, that never slept, who made decisions in hundreds of a second, this trader would be a very successful one. A trader like that would have the ability to make the proper decisions in order to handle the risks occurring in the market.

The currencies trading market, also called the FX spot market, offers trading of all different currencies. We work with selected currency-pairs with known records of patterns of movement and historical data, all being carefully monitored by our analysts to be able to predict future movements in the best possible way.
As opposed to trading of shares etc. taking place at different stock markets around the world, the FX market is only one marketplace for all, whether a bank, institution, government or private operator. The trading occurs in and is managed by a large network of computers.

The currencies trading market, also called the FX spot market have since 2014 changed a lot and we have had too really changed our strategy and the way we work. Before we have positions/trades for several days to month. That is now an impossibility as the market is a lot more volatile and fast. But its also good as long you have a system for that.
We have even better results now as we use the volatility to our benefit, most competitors don´t and that is why many don´t make any money, only losses. Now we only trade more or less Intraday, that means over the day or two. Sometimes when the direction
isn´t clear we don´t trade at all. We only use the market when we have a possibility to do profits. That also lower the risk dramatically and also profits increase relatively to risk. Risk/return index.

We provide a safe, secure and well integrated solution through cooperation with different money providers in London and Cyprys. They work as our ”connection” into the market through a liquidity pool, which mainly consists of a number of the world’s largest banks. This cooperation also means that we can offer our customers around the world a solid, transparent and secure platform. 


We offer a fully transparent administration with insight into the market activities via a webbased platform. When being registered as a new customer, the customer is awarded a trading account at our providers as well as a web log-in code to our web site. By logging in the customer is able to monitor his trading accounts and to track and follow actual investment positions in real-time.

We send monthly newsletters with achieved results as well as market overview and info of the achieved performance. Important news are sent out immediately in additional mailings. A customer may also at any time access the balance of accounts by logging in to his ”Backoffice” via computer, I-phone or I-pad. All accounts are completely transparent for you as a customer and you can at any time ask us about your account balance.
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