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Remember that volatility and movement in the market is also
our opportunity to make results, but it must always be weighed
against the calculated risk you are prepared to take.
Our risk management is always calculated and set up from start in every trade. We have fixed Stop Losses, SL. So we know every loss in advance if the trade will went wrong. Also is every trade sent from us to the broker and is managed from them. Even if we have computer failure or no Internet connection the trades is always executed.

Our master head of trades and and his team analyze the market around the clock and then make finshished trades that is applicated to the system. Mostly in the afternoon to evening when the European market starts and then follows by the US market. The team have a record of obout 7-9 of 10 succes trades in EURUSD currency that is often the base currency in all our trading.

Our team and partners in Sweden, Denmark, London and Dublin are responsibility for customer support, presentation of results and monthly newsletters/Fact Sheets. We also help you to transfer your deposits to our providers. We don´t have any access to your money and can´t send or bring them home. We just have a LPOA, Limited Power Of Attorney from you as a client to do the trades. But of course we help you with what you need help with. 
We also have a sales department in Sweden that our CEO Mr. Mikael Aman runs. He is also a Certified Trader and a business developer. We also have agents for our products but you can contact us directly.
As an approved customer you have, depending on the size of the investment, the choice to choose between different trading strategies/levels. If a customer have any special preference or request we will always try to respond to them by taking up discussions concerning such preferences with the customer. The average settled mutual term of notice is 3 months.
We can always offer different strategies and risk
levels to suit different investors depending on the time
horizon and how long you want to abandon your capital. 
For us both, you as a client and us as a manager...
take some minute to understand the risk picture here.
In Sweden we have a 7 grade scale of risks for funds and stocks. The picture above is made in 5 steps but the principles are the same. The purpose of this scales is that a customer will be able to see a simple comparison of risks between different products which usually works, but not in all situations.
An example: 
If we take our running algo, Zigma AI which in 2023 produced a gain of about 3%/month with a Draw Down under 0,2%. If we put it in the graph it ends up at a risk of "Low" but in a "Profit Category" of "Very Aggresive". Then it is really a very important how to put the product into the graph.
On the Swedish scale of 1-7 would FX-Sync Explorer ended at 7 = high risk just because the returns are so high. If we go on the volatility instead it becomes more equitable, level 1-2 of 7. 
But ... if you look at the "risk/return ratio" instead, the difference between return and the "maximum rate throw"/the volatility VS. results, it would only be judged the risk of 1 or "Conservative" but profit in the higher range of"aggresive".

A good algohandel as our Zigma AI therefore

have a low risk and a very low risk in relation to the results!

Here is another example to visualize Volatility VS Risk

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